Terms & Conditions

For insurance purposes, West Coast Dress Hire will keep a copy of your Drivers License and/or credit card details on file for the duration of the Hire period. West Coast Dress Hire reserves the right to take all steps necessary to collect amounts due from you, including but not limited to; legal action and/or using third party collection agencies.

You are liable for the cost of the Garment + any costs incurred by West Coast Dress Hire to recover money from you should the garment not be returned in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.


Please select your hire date as the date you would like your garment to arrive. Ideally the day prior to your event and no more than two days before the event. We require a MINIMUM of 4 full business days’ notice to allow express postage time, however, the earlier is always better. We send everything Express.

Please be mindful of pre-existing orders when ordering interstate, as these are generally a two week turn around. At a staff members discretion, your order may be subject to cancellation if it effects an order made prior to yours. If this is the case, a store credit will be administered in place of a refund.

In your parcel you will receive:

  • Your garment/s
  • A return prepaid postage bag
  • Instructions on how to post the garment back.

Please read these upon delivery of your item/s.


Please select the date before your event within our Calander booking system. From this please note we have a blanket collection time of from 4pm on the Thursday before your event.

If you have a specific hire period (more than 4 days or mid-week) you would like, please call or come to the store so we can try to accommodate this.

Once a customer collects their hired garment from us in the store, they agree to accept the garment on condition that it is.

Furthermore, if a customer has nominated someone else to collect the garment on their behalf, this person is liable to check over and clear the condition of the garment.

Once the garment has been cleared and left the store premises, West Coast Dress Hire is unable to provide any compensation for discrepancies.


All garments hired over a weekend period (Friday-Sunday) must be returned to 19/181 Oxford Street, Leederville 6007, either 11:30-3pm Sunday or 12-5:30pm Monday.

We do not have an after-hours return box, so please come to the store during these hours.

There is a $10 late return fee applicable to all drop offs made after the nominated return date.

Garments hired for a mid-week event must be returned to the store on a date provided by a West Coast Dress Hire staff member.

Please note that we do not except uber delivery drop offs at West Coast Dress Hire. If you need to do this, please contact is via mobile phone.

POSTAL returns! - We can do a Postal return for you if you don’t think you’ll have time to return the dress.

This will be an additional $16 upon your hire

Please note that if you mail the dress back to us without this being organised with an employee of West Coast Dress Hire you will be charged a late fee for every day that it doesn’t get back to us.

If you mail it back to us without our consent and you put the wrong return details on the packaging, you will be charged the full retail price of the garment as we won’t get it back from Aus Post.


Last minute hires are considered as:

  • Try on and take that day
  • Order online and collection the next day
  • Order that day and pick up that day
  • Phone call orders without seeing the garment for pick up that day
  • Postal orders mailing interstate with in the 4 Business-day deadline

We are not able to get the garment cleaned in time or organise seamstress alterations

We unfortunately are not able to offer compensation for minor marks seen after taking the garment from the Leederville Shop.


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If you are taking the garment away with you, please note these additional T &CS

  • If flying interstate or internationally, please put our garments in your hand luggage only
  • Any garment that is placed in checked luggage can be a risk of being lost in transit. If the luggage is misplaced with our garment inside, you will be liable to pay full retail price for the garment as this can be deemed as a ruined/ lost piece.
  • This will need to be done via phone or email. INSTAGRAM will not be excepted.
  • All payments can be made via bank transfers.




Regular dry-cleaning fees are all inclusive of the cost of hire.

If your hired garment is returned in a poor condition i.e., excessive stains, mud marks, alcohol, bodily fluids, food etc, a stain removal/repair fee of $40 will be charged upon return.

If your hired garment is returned with non-pre-existing damages needing to be repaired by a seamstress, you will also be charged a minimum of $40 upon return.

Seamstress fees may be applied depending on the state and work required to fix said damages. These vary depending on the severity of the damage.

If your hired garment is returned in a state beyond repair, you will be charged the full retail cost of the garment on top of your initial hire fee. 

You will also be responsible to compensate for any refunds caused by the damaged state of the garment. 

All of these costs must be paid in-store or via bank transfer when you are contacted by a West Coast Dress Hire staff member.

If someone returns the dress on your behalf, they will be liable to pay these additional fees instore.

After payment, West Coast Dress Hire then reserves the right to maintain ownership of the damaged garment.

The damaged garment is required to be returned to West Coast Dress Hire regardless of the condition of the dress. Until the damaged dress is returned instore, it will be considered as still being hired out. As our rental period is 4 days, for every 4 days that the garment is not returned to us you will be charged the full rental fee of the garment.

Once an order has been placed and payment has been processed, West Coast Dress Hire does not offer any refunds.

If you would like to change the date you wish to hire a garment for, contact must be made via phone or email (Instagram or social media will not be considered a valid point of contact). If the swap can be made, we will arrange this. However, if the garment is unavailable for your new date, no refund will be given.

If you would like to swap the garment that you have hired for your date for a different garment, we can accommodate this at a $10 service fee. This is dependent on the availability of the desired garment. If the garment is more expensive than the original hire, you will be charged the difference of the hire price plus the $10 service fee. If the updated garment is at lower value than the originally chosen, no compensation will be given for the difference and the $10 service fee will still be charged.

We do not offer refunds for the following:

  • Change of mind
  • Not attending the event
  • If you choose to not wear the garment
  • If you do not pick up your garment
  • If you are sick (inclusive of covid)
  • If the event has been cancelled
  • If you hired a garment instore took it with you and then chose not to wear it/ and or weren't happy with the garment once leaving the premise

Please note that these garments are hire pieces. We work around the clock to keep these garments in the highest standards for our customers. We do consistently update our garments prices to best reflect the dresses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly via mobile to discuss any issues that might occur.