Terms & Conditions


standard terms

1.1West Coast Dress Hire: (“WCDH”, “Us”, “We”, “Our”) means Parker Rose Investments Pty Ltd ABN: 616551912793 trading as West Coast Dress Hire

1.2 The Client: (“You”, “Your”, “Client”) defines the person that enters into a rental agreement with WCDH

1.3 The Garment: (“Garment”, “Garments”, “Clothing”, “Apparel”, “Accessories”) defines any and all clothing or accessories hired from WCDH by Client

1.4 Rental Period: the agreed and pre-negotiated period of time that The Garment is being hired by Client

1.5  Price: means the cost of hiring a garment from WCDH

1.6 Rental Return Due Date: defines the date the Apparel is expected back at WCDH’s location

1.7 Rental Post Return Date: means the date the Apparel is expected to be posted back to WCDH

1.8 Interstate: defines any Garment that is rented outside of Western Australia

1.9 Location: defines the Location of the West Coast Dress Hire studio, to be provided to Client after booking a Garment.



2.1The rental price is calculated according to the rental period chosen by The Client and is inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (“GST”)

2.2 Payment of the rental price is either through PayPal, Afterpay or Credit Card platforms (“Visa”, “Mastercard”) and must be made at the time the order is placed. WCDH is unable to process any orders until such payment is made and proof of payment is received

2.3 Once a Garment has been paid for in full (including Afterpay), no refunds, swaps, change of date or credits can be given (It is the responsibility of Client to try on the garment before booking in or have an understanding of their size requirements)

2.4 If the clients event is cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, WCDH will provide a full credit or a change of date. No refunds will be provided 



3.1 At WCDH’s sole discretion a bond (“The Bond”) may be required, payable at the beginning of the Rental Period, at the time of pickup from WCDH. The Bond shall be refunded upon return of The Garment in a condition acceptable to WCDH to be determined at WCDH sole discretion


return items & late fees

4.1 All Garments following a weekend hire are to be returned by Monday 4PM 

4.2 Alternate arrangements for the return date can be made and agreed on in good faith with WCDH prior to the commencement of the Rental Period

4.3 Items being rented Interstate are to be posted by Monday 3pm (immediately following the Rental Period). If garments are posted back incorrectly as deemed by Australia Post (for example placing in the standard post box or not using the bag provided) it will be at the discretion of WCDH to implement fees 

4.4 Location and code for the drop box is provided on the returns slip 

4.5 Late fees are applied if not returned by Monday. $10 per day is charged until the garment is returned, payable in Australian Dollars

4.6 The garment is deemed a non-return after 20 days and the client will be charged 100% of the Recommended Retail Price (“RRP”) as listed on the WCDH website, payable in Australian Dollars


dry cleaning

5.1 All cleaning of The Garment is taken care of by WCDH. By hiring The Garment the client agrees that they will not attempt to clean the garment, doing so may result in a non-return fee to be paid



6.1 It is expected that all Garments are returned in the condition that they were received by WCDH

6.2 If a Garment is returned with minor damages (this could include but not limited to fake tan, grease, make up, fake tan, oil marks and alcohol), the client agrees to pay for the repair (in addition to the rental price). The price will be determined in good faith by WCDH in conjunction with WCDH’s seamstress and/or dry cleaning provider

6.3 If a Garment is returned with major damages, either beyond repair or ruined determined at the discretion of WCDH, The Client agrees to pay the full RRP of the garment within 14 days of it being returned

6.4 It is at WCDH’s sole discretion to determine whether the damage is deemed “Minor” or “Major” as well as the repair cost

6.5 Refunds will be available if garments are received damaged as per Australian Consumer Law (beyond normal wear and tear of a hire garment). Please bear in mind the garments are rental garments (not brand new items) 


postage and returns

7.1 WCDH can post at a cost of A$22 (for small items) and A$30 (for larger items) payable by The Client, this is inclusive an addressed return postage bag for The Client to return their hired Garment

7.2 Returns are to be posted by 1500hrs on Monday immediately following the negotiated Rental Period. 

7.3 Express Bags are to be placed in the Australia Post Express Post Box with Client’s signature on the front. Late fees will apply. 

7.4 It is Client’s responsibility to inform WCDH if they live rurally (“Rural Location”), as per Australia Post’s definition of a Rural Location and inform WCDH if applicable. Client must factor the time required for a Rural Location and WCDH will not be liable for any refund if this Clause 7.4 is not met before hiring of a Garment (or Garments)

7.5 WCDH will endeavour to track the item however, if it does not arrive in time due to circumstances outside WCDH’s control to be determined at the discretion of WCDH, a full dress refund will be provided to Client. Postage refund will not be included