Wedding Guest Attire Checklist:


Wedding attire etiquette has changed dramatically over the past few decades, which means guests have much more freedom when it comes to their outfits (Woohoo!). However, there are still a few unspoken rules that should be adhered to out of respect for the couple and their special day. Let me help you navigate wedding szn with this super easy to follow checklist (you can save this too!). 


Check the dress code! 

  • Is the wedding formal, cocktail or smart casual? Or maybe its something like “beach-formal attire”.
  • Always dress according to the dress code, if you’re unsure, totally ask a friend to help clarify.
  • Head to our ‘Dress Code Break Down’ blog for more info on dress codes xx 


Consider the location.

  • Location will give you a huge insight into what you should wear.
  • Is it outdoors? Is it at a well known fancy venue e.g. the Crown? 


Check what colour the wedding party are wearing.

  • This can be deciphered from the invitation.
  • If you’re still stuck, reach out to a friend or one of the brides maids.
  • We can’t be having you looking like you’re apart von the bridal party now! 


Check the forecast.

  • This is super important, as it’ll help you gage what shoes will be the easiest to wear and whether or not you’ll need to rug up.
  • Sunny? Pack some sunscreen in your clutch!
  • Windy? Definitely avoid that flow skirt… 


Take a second layer.

  • Weddings are long days, so a blazer can be a life saver in the evenings!
  • Often there will be somewhere safe for you to leave it while you boogie, so you don’t need to carry it with you all night. 


Check the time of day.

  • This will help you with the dress code too!
  • Evening weddings require a different outfit to a daytime one. 



  • Or anything that might photograph white for that matter.
  • Unless the bride/groom has specifically asked you to, avoid white at all costs.
  • Just don’t x



  • Black is widely accepted as totally appropriate for weddings these days.
  • If you’re unsure, check with someone in the bridal party!
  • Some cultural backgrounds aren’t too keen on black being worn to weddings so keep this in mind (same with red!). 


Don’t dress *too* casual.

  • Even if the invite says something like “beach casual” or “smart casual” don’t wear jeans or a t-shirt.
  • Opt for a nice pair of pants and a collared button up for men and a cute midi with some kitten heels for the ladies.
  • They might say casual, but they don’t mean a sweater or Birkenstocks.  


Purchase comfortable and functional undergarments and fashion tape!

  • If you have a sheer dress, make sure to organise your slip well in advance.
  • Double sided boob tape is a LIFESAVER!
  • Weddings are long days, so make sure you’re well equipped for anything thrown your way. 


Don’t go overboard.

  • I’m all here for looking your best, but just make sure you’re not outshining the bride on her special day. 
  • I would avoid anything with sequins or that’s neon coloured.
  • There are heaps of other options like frills, tassels, puff sleeves and fun patterns that’ll still look just as good! 


Church wedding? Dress respectfully!

  • No super lowcut dresses with cleavage, sorry! Be family friendly x
  • Try and avoid spaghetti straps or strapless. If you can’t that’s fine - chuck on a blazer for the ceremony x
  • Super short minis are not only super disfunctional, but also probably not church attire soz beb. 


If possible, check what dress the bridesmaids are wearing.

  • I have been to a wedding before where a guest wore the EXACT dress the bridesmaids were wearing.
  • Don’t be that person. Check first. 


Prioritise comfort!

  • Weddings are long days - make sure you’re wearing something comfortable!
  • Again, boob tape is a MUST.
  • Comfy shoes are also super important.


Thank you for reading! We can't wait to see you in store soon  xxx 

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