The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process

West Coast Dress Hire has a super easy in store hiring process, unique to many experiences you will find around Perth! West Coast is open seven days a week and is TOTALLY walk in based. This means that our doors are open every day for clients to walk in and out as they please. This layout is SUPER convenient for last minute hires, because at West Coast, we understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan! You can hire a dress as last minute as you like, and all our customers can expect to receive the same amazing service as they would in any appointment.

We have over 600 dresses which cater for all events and dress codes, from cocktail to formal. At West Coast we love getting to know all the beautiful people who visit us, and we tailor our customer service to suit you! We will get to know what event your attending, what the dress code is, where it is being held and what your relationship is with the person hosting the event. We start by finding any dresses you are chasing particularly from our socials, website or any other inspiration you may have found. Then we will ask questions about what YOUR personal style is and whether or not you have any specific criteria you would like to meet with your ideal dress. This gives us a really good idea of how to help you the best way possible!

While you browse we will start to grab you a couple of options that we think will work for you and your event, and we will start to fill up a change room for you. We love hyping up our girls while they try on dresses and decide which dress is right. Making YOU feel comfortable and beautiful is our main priority! It’ll often take more then one browse to find the right dress - so do not stress if you struggle at first! Finding the perfect dress is all trial and error, and takes time. Remember, even if its not right, at least we are pointed in the direction of where not to go!

Once you have found your top three dresses we will check the availability. This can sometimes help narrow down the decision too - as sometimes dresses may not be available for your dates (which means you’ll just have to come back and hire them for another event! ;)) After you have said “yes to the dress”, we will start to grab your contact details, run you trough our terms & conditions and quickly confirm dates and which event you are going to.

We like to get as much information as possible off our girls, as it means that we can avoid dress double ups if we have multiple people going to the same event! For weekend events, pick up is from Thursday 4pm, and if your event date lands during the week, usually pick up is one to two business days before. Return is Monday by 5.30pm for weekends and the following business day for events during the week. At West Coast, we only charge one fee to lock in the dresses and this is all inclusive of a regular dry clean upon return - super simple! If the dresses are returned with excessive stains or damages there is a fee of $40.00, or full retail price if the dress is beyond repair - but this doesn’t happen very often so don’t stress! If you have a change of heart we are more than happy to swap your dress for a $10.00 service fee, however we don’t offer refunds and credits will only be considered for compassionate or uncontrollable circumstances. If you are interested in reading our full T&C’s, head to our website!

Once your order is paid for we will send you email confirmation to the provided email which will have all the times and dates, the dress you have booked in and a payment confirmation. And that’s that! We aim to make our hiring process as easy and stress free as possible! Upon collection all our dresses have a small information sheet attached to them which have your name, the name and designer of the dress you have hired and all the necessary information you’ll need. All you need to worry about is having the best time possible! So come to West Coast for your next event and we will make sure you feel fabulous and have a super smooth hiring process xx

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