The Fake Tanning routine that we needed in writing… 

So you have an event this Saturday! And your feeling a little pale and feel like you need a little sun kissed glow or look like you’ve just returned from Bali… 

SO before I ramble on about the “routine” I’ll give all you newbies a run down of what tans are out there!  


To put this one simply, it’s done by a complete professional or you can go to a tanning booth! 

These are for your super special occasions these range from $35- $60 depending where you go in Perth. 

Some places that we love and recommend to our clients are, Holly Garvey (located in West Leedy, 5 mins from West Coast) . 

LA SOL TAN, new to Perth and located in the old West coast dress hire (Cottesloe), La Sol Tan is a 24/ 7 contactless tanning Studio, so you book an appointment walk in pale and walk out a tan greek goddess! 


The at home tanning foam. This is my personal fav I need something quick and in the comfort of my own home to get the job done! With so many different brands, with so many different under tones and development times. There’s 1 hour express, sleep in tan 12 hour tan, you can shop between green undertones, violet under tones or brown.. SO it gets super confusing. Like I said I’m not a professional. I’m good at tanning myself, but I am knowledgeable in the fact that there are so so so many different options. 

Two that I love are 

  1. Bali Body express 1 hour (I love her mainly for the fact it doesn’t smell bad, its under $40 and you can purchase her from Woolworths). I also find that this tan gives me a really bronze all over colour with out being streaky! I’m often very last minute with my tanning, and if I just want to feel bronze in the moment I find this the best option. It develops quickly, I don’t have to sleep in it and always gives me the results I need in less time! So if your super last minute like me you’ll love this tan! 

2. Sahara Soul! 


We love her so so so so much! We love her so much that we do stock her in- store! This is Australia's first brown-based self-tanning foam. With implemented colour guide technology that adjusts based on your skin tone, complementing all skin shades and types, and is enriched with skincare additives to hydrate and nourish the skin. 

We also love this tan because Chloe, the CEO is a Perth girly! Who doesn’t love supporting local! 

This tan is honestly incredible and only $30 for the whole bottle! Even better tried and tested by us, these bottles will last you 2-4 months pending if your a weekly fake tanner like myself or more on the odd occasion like Kelsey. 


So Gradual tan. 

Perfect if your super scared of over doing it and want just a little glow! 

Like in the name this ones a slow and steady wins the race kind of tan. You can build her up from Monday - Friday for that perfect weekend natural glow. Bonus, its often a moisturiser so you’ll stay hydrated and glowly as you bronze! 

Some of my fav gradual tans! 

Eco Tan- Winter skin! - It’s a 2 in 1, nourishing body moisturiser and gradual tanning lotion that gives you a sun kissed glow. You can make your tan as deep as you like by gradually applying another coat on another day! What I loveeeeeeee about eco tan is the fact that it contains 0 nasties it’s made with only certified organic and natural ingredients. 

Another option the Bali Body Gradual Tan this hydrating body lotion allows you to gradually build colour and customise the perfect tan for your skin tone. Apply from head to toe every morning or night! She gives the most glow brown tan and develops naturally! 

So let’s talk when, where, how? 


So its Wednesday or what I prefer WASH OFF WEDNESDAY hehe 

Cleanse the soul. Scrub scrub scrub. 

On Wednesday, we scrub our souls and wash the sins of the weekend away. No but seriously, scrub your body from top to bottom and shave. To have a really good base for the tan you need to remove any dead skin cells, hair or built up old tan. If you don’t your tan will be patchy. Fake tan grips to the dry areas and develops faster on these areas so be sure to really scrub your ankles! 

You should get out the shower feeling like a smooth dolphin! 

For wash off Wednesday, I recommend a new scrubbing mitt, fresh razor and a coffee body scrub! Once you are out of the shower moisturise your body from top to bottom!  I try and use a super hydrating one.. 


Tonights the night, its fake tan Thursday! The night of nights! *sings high school musical*

Let’s say you’ve worked all day, been to gym gone for that hot girl walk and its shower time! Have a regular shower, scrub any areas you couldn’t get completely clean last night! Before you get out the shower turn the walk to cold.. I know not ideal in winter.. But you need to close all the pores in your skin that just opened up to the warm water. If you don’t do this and tan straight away it will cause a speckling effect on the skin.. yeah not what you want. So turn the water to cold and then jump out and dry off! 

Be sure to completely dry your skin before you start applying the tan. I always suggest wait at least 30 minutes after the shower. 

So it’s time to tan! 

Before you start, make sure you moistures your elbows, knees, hands/ wrist, ankles/feet I also like to put a little under my arms. This avoids build up! So by doing this it it limits over development of the colour and will help give you a more natural finish. 

Now tanning! If your using a pump foam (Sahara soul for this purpose) I like to do 1-2 pumps per area on my body. I start with my upper back going towards the middle, here I add 2 pumps to my tanning mitt and in circular motions evenly spread this out. Using the same process I follow this with my chest/ stomach, then arms! What ever happens do your hands / feet last and use the remaining residue on the mitt for this! If you do need a little more I suggest a quarter pump or half a pump. 

Continue this process for your whole body! Section in body parts, right arm, left arm, left leg, right leg! Once your whole body is complete then you can top up specific areas as needed. I personally like doing more on my neck and chest because I find they don’t develop well on my skin! 

Once my tan is complete I like to do half a pump of moistures and rub it all over my tanned hands, I find this avoids them over developing! 

Now your tans on put some loose fitting clothes on and go to bed and sleep while the magic happens! 


So you’ve woken up feeling overly bronze.. Jump straight into a lukewarm shower and rinse off the tan! (Your only washing off the guide colour) Once your out of the shower be sure to pat dry your skin! Make sure you do this as the tan is developing you don’t want to give your skin any streaky marks! Also just rinse! Don’t use soap, this will effect the tan… 

Now you have a little more waiting to do, you will be feeling nice and bronze, but it will continue to develop over the next 8 hours. Make sure you don’t moisturise until that night to get the full colour from the tan! 

Now just thrive on F#%K YEAH FRIDAY! 

Hot little tip. You are prone to not smelling fantastic when you have a fake tan on and due something different being on the skin it does accerlate the effects of body odour.. So if you hate smelling like B.O I do find using a stronger deodorant helps limit this.. (mens spray deodorant works the best … )  


I think you get the picture here… you’re glowy and bronzed, just send it queen.


Well..  if your feeling a little worst for wear, we’ve all been there.. so to get the most out of your tan hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Moistures tip to toe, relax and do that hydrating face mask he he. 


Just take on the world as a new women at work. Slay the day away. 


So you have another event this Saturday… you loved our advice.. Yeah well now we start again. Just now you have 2 days of scrubbing the nasty tan off. Or if you listened to our advice and cared for your tan disregard this step… 

Any way scrub a dub dub 

We hope you enjoyed our fake take routine. And happy fake take Thursday queens. 

Yours sincerely, 

Ellie xx  

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