Designer Showcase Bec & Bridge Edition.

Designer Showcase Bec & Bridge Edition.

Bec & Bridge 

It’s safe to say we love an iconic Bec & Bridge piece for our collection. 

A little back story behind the brand! 

The designers behind BEC + BRIDGE, Bec Cooper and Bridget Yorston met in 2000 inseparable while studying a Bachelor Of Arts in Fashion & Textiles in Sydney. The duo  would 4 years late come to represent an exciting mainstay in the Australian fashion industry.

With now over 20 years experience in the Australia Fashion industry BEC + BRIDGE is properly the leading cult favourites in the hiring industry.  

BEC + BRIDGE effectively represents the values of sustainable fashion by using Carbon neutral shipping, sustainable packaging, sourcing ethical manufacturing, effectively working to limit textile waste lastly only partner with suppliers whom share the same vision to provide fair working conditions. At West Coast Dress Hire this is why we choose to stock so much of this designers collection. 

Not only are their pieces breath taking but they are aligned with our values to limit fast fashion, excessive waste causing pollution in to our environment and are women working for women in business; and we just love to see it. 

In 2023 one of our goals was to present that we are a brand that supports women and is inclusive to our community. One of our plans to do this was to stock brands from other Australian female designers. We choose to stock BEC & BRIDGE because we believe that they emulate a brand that looks further into the future and test boundaries. We aspire to have the effect the BEC & BRIDGE has had on the Australian fashion industry. 

If you also love BEC & BRIDGE and would like to hire one of there pieces from our collection follow this link to shop our full range. 

We wanted to thank everyone for continually supporting our brand and our small business. 

Without you we wouldn’t get to do what we love everyday. 

Ellie xx

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