April Newsletter

April Newsletter

We cannot believe we're already in Autumn, although it's still feeling pretty summery for a Kiwi girl living in Perth!

One of our current favourite designers (especially for trans-seasonal looks) is Sir The Label.




Here we have one of our newest pieces, the Realisme Halter Mini in black, styled with a blazer and knee-high boots for that little bit of extra coverage as the temperature drops.

Gold drop earrings and a sophisticated watch are a must! Pair it with your favourite perfume, and you'll have everyone's heads turning as you walk past.  

A letter from us to you

Being a girl is hard, especially being a young girl in this social media generation. Constantly comparing, feeling as though you're never quite living up to the standard. 
We feel you, we've been there, and it's an ongoing journey. That's why we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, that makes the try on process a fun and enjoyable experience.
For a lot of girls, this is their first time dressing up for an event. Which can be scary when you're not quite sure yet of your style and preferences. For others, maybe it's a big event where there's a lot of pressure for your to look your best, Or maybe your body's changing, for whatever reason, and things just don't fit the same.

We're here to tell you it's okay and we're here for you! 

Remember that more often than not you look your best, when you feel your best. Never be afraid to let us know if it's just not quite right. Our priority is you and we know that it's often a lot more than just finding, or trying on a dress. 

With this new season approaching, we just wanted to spread the love and let you know that we are here for whatever you need. Bring a friend or family member, or stop by on your own. Whatever makes YOU feel most comfortable.

You're doing your best babe, and that's always enough x


Charlie x

(Marketing Assistant WCDH)

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